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Our Orchards

New Zealand Avocado Collective

100% vertically integrated New Zealand avocado growers. Three orchards collectively working together to always deliver avocados that are:

High quality, sustainably & ethically grown, consistently delivered


We’re delighted to introduce our Chilean Chief Orchardist Claudia Madrid, proud guardian of our 200,000 avocado Hass trees, located at the northernmost tip of New Zealand, one of the most pristine and remote growing environments on the planet. King avocados come from the northernmost tip of New Zealand, one of the most pristine and remote growing environments on the planet. Our unique geology is surrounded by forest and idyllic beaches, bathed in sunlight and warm clean air from Ninety Mile Beach to our west and the Pacific Ocean to our east. Our soils are rich in nutrients, and the pristine water and micro-climate lends itself to growing the highest quality Hass avocados.


Please let us introduce you to our industrious Kiwi Head Orchard Manager Nick Common, custodian of a huge 150 hectare subtropical – avocado orchard located in Tapora, Kaipara Harbour on the north west coast of New Zealand.  

Six years ago the dream of Harbour Edge Avocados came into fruition, the land originally a large grass covered dairy farm. With the goal of planting 80,000 avocado trees, Nick feels privileged to have been part of the journey since inception, in one of the most beautiful offices one could hope to work.

The combination of the orchards’ free draining sandy soils, subtropical coastal climate and pure sunlight, culminates in some of the tastiest avocados you’ll ever find. Avocados you can feel good about eating. 


We’re thrilled to introduce Ian Broadhurst, our wonderfully knowledgeable and experienced Chief Avocado Grower. Trusted guardian of 300 000 HASS trees, on an impressively large oceanic 400ha piece of land, located at the top of the far north of New Zealand.

Ian’s well-versed in avocados, having grown them for 37 years and counting. Over the last 15 years his technique has evolved into intensive tree planting orchards.

“The more you think you know about growing avocados, the less you seem to know. Which can be challenging and rewarding, certainly keeps me on my toes. I’m curious by nature and enjoy learning new things, so I’m constantly looking at ways to improve how we manage production and quality.”

Jarrod’s Fun Fact

This powerhouse ingredient can be an addition to any mealtime, snack, or simply enjoyed by itself. Impossible to find an alternative product if they are out of stock. Can you think of any other all-around versatile foods that can match that!