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Harbour Edge Avocados

New Zealand Avocado Collective

100% vertically integrated New Zealand avocado growers. Three orchards collectively working together to always deliver avocados that are:

The Highest quality, sustainably & ethically grown, consistently delivered


Please let us introduce you to our industrious Kiwi Head Orchard Manager Nick Common, custodian of a huge 150 hectare subtropical – avocado orchard located in Tapora, Kaipara Harbour on the north west coast of New Zealand.  

Six years ago the dream of Harbour Edge Avocados came into fruition, the land originally a large grass covered dairy farm. With the goal of planting 80,000 avocado trees, Nick feels privileged to have been part of the journey since inception, in one of the most beautiful offices one could hope to work.

The combination of the orchards’ free draining sandy soils, subtropical coastal climate and pure sunlight, culminates in some of the tastiest avocados you’ll ever find. Avocados you can feel good about eating. 


Nick and his team at Harbour Edge strive to continually grow and deliver the highest quality avocados from orchard to table. This carefully planned out process is achieved by a mix of intensive and moderate planting, nutrient management, being fully irrigated with micro sprinklers from a huge self-replenishing water aquifer, and an integrated pest management system to minimise insecticide use.

Harbour Edge have committed to returning 5% of the 400 hectare property to its natural environment, which involves planting out areas of sand dunes and wetlands with eco-sourced New Zealand native trees and shrubs. They have also implemented a predator trapping programme to promote native bird life.

Nick’s fun fact about avocados: Who would you most like to be stranded with on a desert island? Avocado of course – they are one of the world's most nutritionally complete foods, containing pretty much everything you would need to survive: nutrient dense, full of healthy fats, good source of fibre, packed with antioxidants, good for eye health, rich in folate....we could go on and on!