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Largus, Mapua & Tiri Orchards

New Zealand Avocado Collective

100% vertically integrated New Zealand avocado growers. Three orchards collectively working together to always deliver avocados that are:

The Highest quality, sustainably & ethically grown, consistently delivered


We’re thrilled to introduce Ian Broadhurst, our wonderfully knowledgeable and experienced Chief Avocado Grower. Trusted guardian of 300 000 HASS trees, on an impressively large oceanic 400ha piece of land, located at the top of the far north of New Zealand.

Ian’s well-versed in avocados, having grown them for 37 years and counting. Over the last 15 years his technique has evolved into intensive tree planting orchards.

“The more you think you know about growing avocados, the less you seem to know. Which can be challenging and rewarding, certainly keeps me on my toes. I’m curious by nature and enjoy learning new things, so I’m constantly looking at ways to improve how we manage production and quality.”


Sustainability is a fundamental focus across-the-board. Together as a team, we’re constantly working to improve different aspects of the business:

  • Environmental surroundings – ensuring we are responsible custodians of our land, leaving things in a better condition than we found them for the next generation of growers.
  • Social aspects – providing multi-generational opportunities for our passionate staff to prosper. Our GREATEST asset.  
  • Ecological “footprint” –  developing and improving processes to minimise waste, while continuing to deliver bountiful harvests of high quality avocados.

Our growing environment must promote diversity across our orchards to support the natural ecosystem. Sequentially reducing reliance on non-natural management is a primary focus.  Our busy little pollinators (bees) provide perfect insight into how we can successfully manage our orchards in an ecologically sustainable way, thriving during pollination and later into fresh natural honey collection.

Ian's fun fact: We have 40,000 bees per hive, 10 hives per ha = 160 million bees! During pollination a mature avocado tree can produce an excess of million flowers and so our bees (clever little pollinators) work hard to pollinate flowers which alternate between male and female and prepare the trees to bear plenty of avocados. All our worker bees are female and work so hard on our behalf only living for 5 to 6 weeks and never sleep, they remain motionless during the night to conserve energy in preparation to the hard day’s work ahead.